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"Are You Ready To Feel Good in Your Body?"

If you're not feeling connected to life and/or are facing a healing challenge maybe it's time to explore the restorative sciences of Massage Therapy, Mind/Body Connection and Nutrition.

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We, as human beings, are an integrated body-mind system that works best when in a state of dynamic balance. When the body and the mind are balanced, health and wellness flow to all levels of our being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Try one of our mind/body offerings and experience for yourself what it could be like to live from a place of calmness and freedom; a great recipe for supporting your sense of well being and truly living a more joyful whole hearted life.



How To Feel Better - Life Coaching


Janet specializes in working with people who overeat, over drink or over think because they are stressed about work and/or life and she guides them in finding other ways to deal with their emotions rather than buffering with food, alcohol, worry or procrastination. Her passion is teaching others how to manage their mind so they can let go of what doesn’t support them, what holds them back and learn the skills to deliberately create a more intentional, joy-filled and on purposes life.
1 hr. — $145.00
(4) series package $540.00
 (6) series package $750.00
Coaching is also available online through Zoom. 
"Janet has this fun way of really getting to the bottom of an issue...and she opened up this liberating space where I felt completely free to just put it all out there. She really helped me see the cause of my issue and understand how it was impacting my life. Janet delivers..seriously, life changing!"

Private Yoga Session


This one on one class is designed around your specific concerns; targeting your tensions and physical limitations while using modifications and assistance so that you can stretch within your ability and comfort level and receive the therapeutic benefits of Yoga.

1 hr. — $90

"Janet helped me feel comfortable in my own body and that is a major feat. I'm slowly gaining confidence in myself as I learn how to move with compassion for what I can do instead of anger for what I can't yet do." 

Meditation 101


Meditation is the practice of being aware, of paying attention in each moment to all that arises. Learning how to be more centered and focused, helps us access our own inner peace and strength. Learn how to apply mindful practices to your everyday life as well as learning all the how to's of sitting, walking and working meditation.

                                           1 hr.— $90.00

"WOW! Learning meditation has helped my senses to be more awake. The world looks brighter. I also noticed that I am a little more accepting; allowing rather than reacting, which is affecting not only my relationship to myself but to others as well. Really good stuff."



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