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If you're not feeling connected to life and/or are facing a healing challenge, maybe it's time to explore the restorative sciences of Massage Therapy, Mind/Body Connection, and Nutrition.

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Holistic Spa Treatments

Promoting Relaxation, Tension Release, and Detoxification
Providing a Valuable Selection of Modalities and Treatments

Wellness Works LLC's massage therapy sessions are for people of all ages and walks of life. Whether you work in the office and have big knots or a stay at home mom, let our licensed and fully insured massage therapists provide you or loved one with a restorative massage and/or spa package to ease your stress and relax your muscles after a long week of work. We can tailor sessions to specific ailments and disharmonies, so arrange an appointment today! In business for 12 years, we know how to work with your needs.
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Practice Room Wellness Works

"Paul was recommended to me by an acquaintance, and since my first session, I've been more than pleased. I have a long history of back pain, chiropractic adjustments, Xrays, pain management, medications, and the like. I was always told 'this is the answer' and I always left with a slight improvement and another appointment for the same slight improvement. Somewhere along the way, I'd given up hope and settled for living with the pain. During my first session and through subsequent work, I've felt increasingly better. I am continuing the deep muscle work with Paul and seeing great results. I feel general wellness settling in with the removal of the old. I am more alert mentally and feel stronger physically. An unexpected surprise is my improved outlook, which has confirmed that wellness is something that ties into all areas of life. I would recommend work with Paul for anyone, particularly if you're in need of deep muscle work."
— Donna W., Antrim, NH

Neuro-Auricular Technique

The technique's principal purpose is to promote stress reduction to the nervous system. Assists in awakening and restoring function in the Locus Coeruleus Ganglia and activating the Vagus Nerve, a primary concern for lasting healing to take hold. The essential oils used can benefit emotional balance, reprogramming, relaxation, and oxygenation. Release of old patterns, toxins, and negative programming can be experienced. The addition of an infrared sauna following treatment is a nice complement.

45 min. —$87
Detox Sauna Session —$20

Holistic Health Spa Packages

Northern Exposure

Northern Exposure

Starting with our signature herbal wrap with a choice of detox or relaxation herbs. Then you will receive a 60-75 min. Hot Stone Massage (adjunct cold stones additional). Then your body will slow down even more, when you receive the deeply penetrating rays of the full spectrum infrared sauna. Allow 3 hrs.


Transport to Balance

A warm clay hot pack applied to your back will prepare your body to fully receive the benefits of 9 grade "A"essential oils that are a primary part of the Raindrop Technique. Oils are dropped through your aura onto the spine. Brushing strokes and energy enhancing techniques combined with specially designed massage strokes to release any held tension. To ensure the spine is fully addressed, oils are applied to the area of the feet that reflect the spine using the vita flex technique. Followed by a special neuro-auricular technique to address the often troubled cervical spine (neck). The special properties of the oils & blends used can assist in clearing old patterns, awakening and restoring function in the Locus Coeruleus Ganglia, and activating the Vagus Nerve. Possible results - improved balance, mental clarity, profound relaxation, detoxification, boost to the immune system, spiritual upliftment. The final step, a full spectrum infrared sauna detoxification session.
An extraordinary experience.
allow 2.5 hrs.


Transport to Balance

Brain Fog Buster

Brain Fog Buster

Your personalized session begins with your intuitive selection of 1-3 grade "A" essential oils to be incorporated into your 60-minute aromatherapy massage. Followed by an Indian head massage using essential oils that promote grounding, clarity, focus, and clear congestion. Your head will be wrapped in a warm cotton turbine for a period of rest completing the bodywork session.

Then sit back and relax with an integrating detox full spectrum infrared sauna session. allow 2.5 hrs.


Just What the Doc Didn't Order

Just What the Doc Didn't Order

I'm sorry you can't get this covered by insurance unless maybe you were in an auto accident. If you or someone you know has received trauma such as whiplash, repetitive stress, accident anything that's traumatized the body, even PTSD. This protocol will help restore mobility and release trauma. You will receive a 90-minute deep tissue massage and/or energy work. Additional support with hot/cold packs and any necessary essential oil therapy plus a 30-minute full-spectrum infrared sauna session to assist with toxin clean-up. allow 2.5 hrs.


Turn the Tide on Lyme

Using a low light laser to identify essential oils best suited for symptom relief. The laser transfers the properties of the oil to your body field by the property of the light waves. Then the oils will be included in your Raindrop Technique (see in services). The natural variance of compounds in oils curtails the microbes' ability to adapt and mutate. Your session is followed by a detox infrared sauna session. Raising the body temperature moves toxins, circumvents Herxheimer reactions, reduces pain, clears the mind. Additional options for treatment can be discussed through a nutritional consultation.
allow 2 hrs.


Lyme Spirochete

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