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If you're not feeling connected to life and/or are facing a healing challenge maybe it's time to explore the restorative sciences of Massage Therapy, Mind/Body Connection and Nutrition.

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Promoting Relaxation, Tension Release and Detoxification
Providing a Valuable Selection of Modalities and Treatments

      Wellness Works LLC's massage therapy sessions are for people of all ages and walks of life. Whether you work in the office and have big knots or a stay at home mom, let our licensed and fully insured massage therapists provide you or loved one with a restorative massage and/or spa package to ease your stress and relax your muscles after a long week of work. We can tailor sessions to specific ailments and disharmonies, so arrange an appointment today! In business for 12 years, we know how to work with your needs. 
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Practice Room Wellness Works

 "Paul was recommended to me by an aquaintance and since my first session I've been more than pleased. I have a long history of back pain, chiropractic adjustments, xrays, pain management, medications and the like. I was always told 'this is the answer' and I always left with a slight improvement and another appointment for the same slight improvement. Somewhere along the way I'd given up hope and settled for living with the pain. During my first session and through subsequent work I've felt increasingly better. I am continueing the deep muscle work with Paul and seeing great results. I feel a general wellness settling in with the removal of the old. I am more alert mentally and feel stronger physically. An unexpected surprise is my improved outlook which has confirmed that wellness is something that ties into all areas of life. I would recommend work with Paul for anyone, particularly if you're in need of deep muscle work". 

Donna W.,  Antrim, NH.


    This process helps reveal healthier layers of skin by exfoliating the old using granulized forms of naturally occuring compounds. Choosing any process below will leave your skin feeling and looking supremely restored. Pure therapeutic grade essential oils designed by nature to improve your skins health are added to the oil mixture base. You will also receive the added benefit of 


Salt Glow — $57

Ground Almonds/Oatmeal & Fresh Avocado Glow. (less drying) -
* Hot Stone NH. Maple Sugar Glow (less drying - stimulating) - $77

w/maple sugar granules, cinnamon, clove and nutmeg essential oils


Mud/Seaweed Wrap 

     A natural step after a scrub to further distress, detox, and replenish. The mineral rich kelp seaweed or warm black clay replaces lost nutrients and further promotes the removal of impurities to give your body a renewed feeling of health and wellbeing.       A Deeply relaxing and restorative effect. Your poltice is removed with the gentle pull of warm moist towels.  

1.5 hrs (includes re-hydration w/oil)—$137 

2 hrs—$167 (includes re-hydration and massage) 

Herbal Wrap

     This service requires advance notice to allow ample steeping time for your tea. Choose either the detoxification or relax blend at the time of booking. An essential oil selection will be available to enhance the experience. Once the mixture has reached a steamy temp the muslin sheets will be soaking up the brine to be transported to your body. Then you will be gently cocooned in sheets, towels, and a thermal  blanket. The aroma itself will aid in detoxification. Post massage will realize most benefit. 

30 min.—$57

Holistic Spa Packages............


Northern Exposure

     Herbal Wrap (choice of detox or relax blends) followed by a Hot Stone Massage (adjunct cold stones extra). 1 3/4 hrs. 


$177  (includes gratuity) 

Transport to Balance 

     A warm clay hot pack applied to your back will prepare your body to fully receive the benefits of 9 grade "A"essential oils specific to the Raindrop Technique. Oils are dropped through your aura onto the spine. Brushing strokes and energy enhancing techniques combined with specially designed massage strokes release any held tension. To ensure the spine is fully addressed oils are applied to the feet that reflect the spine. Using a special neuro-auricular technique incorporating additional oils to address the often troubled cervical spine (neck) and balance the nervous system. The final step or you may prefer to start with one, a detoxification session in the full spectrum infrared sauna.  Possible results - improved balance, mental clarity, profound relaxation, detoxification, boost the immune system, spiritual upliftment. 
An extraordinary experience.
2.5 hrs.  

$237  (includes gratuity) 

Brain Fog Buster

    Your personalized session will begin by choosing up to three grade "A" essential oils for your one hour aromatherapy massage. Next using oils that provide grounding, clear conjestion, provide clarity and focus will be used for your deeply relaxing Indian Head Massage. Completing the bodywork session your head will wrapped in a warm cotton turbine. A detox infrared sauna session can be utilized before or at the end of your treatment. 2 hrs. 

$177 (includes gratuity) 

Shape it Up!

    Your skin exfoliation will enhanced by essential oils. Your choice of maple sugar or salt as the exfoliant, 90 min. Deep Tissue Massage and finish with Herbal Infused Hot Wrap (detox or relax blends)    2.75 hrs.

 $237 (includes gratuity)

Just What the Doc Didn't Order

  I'm sorry you can't get this covered by insurance unless maybe you were in an auto accident. If you or someone you know has received trauma such as whip lash, repetitive stress, accident anything that's traumatized the body. This protocol will help restore mobility and release trauma. You will receive a 90 minute deep tissue massage and/or energy work.  Additional support with hot/cold packs and any necessary essential oil therapy plus a 30 minute full spectrum infrared sauna treatment designed to reduce pain.  2.5 hrs.

$157 (includes gratuity)

Turn the Tide on Lyme

    Your session starts by receiving a one hour Raindrop Therapy. This protocol incorporates the use of essential oils who's properties vary enough naturally to keep one step ahead of the abilities of the microbes to mutate demonstrating to be a good adversary against Lyme, co-infections and microplasma barriers. Oils of oregano, lemongrass, bergamot, tea tree & eucalyptus globulus are key. Followed with a 40 minute Sunlighen full spectrum infrared sauna session. The sauna can raise your core temperature as much as three degrees and penetrate the body 1-3" inches which helps to   diminish the herxheimer effect plus the increased increasing adds an additional threat for the microbes. 2 hrs.

$137 (includes gratuity)

Lyme spirochete

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